Uncovering The Speaking Voice

Creative Speech Workshops

Uncovering The Speaking Voice Moving Voice-Speaking Body

Uncovering The Speaking Voice is a series of interconnected training workshops aimed at liberating the beauty and creative power of the speaking voice, accessing the full expressive range of language and gesture both bodily and vocally.

The course will include:

  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Freeing breath imbued vocal tone
  • Placing the voice within the stream of formative shaping movement-
  • Grounding bodily resonance and vocal gesture-
  • Releasing unnecessary bodily/emotional tension, making both transparent to the free flow of dynamic, colourful, meaning-filled musical poetic speech-
  • Grounding the focused power of intention and gesture
  • Exploring different qualities and styles of artistic expression- i.e. epic, lyric, dramatic and storytelling

We will experience poise, articulation, rhythm, alliteration, assonance, resonance, modulation, pause, pace, prosody, phrasing, interpretation and characterisation working on great texts of world literature including detailed work on Shakespeare. The course is open to all who have an active interest in language. To be held over at least 4 intensive long weekends throughout the year.