In the realm of Speech and Drama Geoff Norris is a gem. For more than 17 years, and in various Waldorf education settings, I have chosen to work with him whenever possible and throughout all that time he has been my speech teacher. As a Humanities teacher I have found his support essential for my work. From 1997 onwards, when I began Upper School English teaching at Michael Hall, I have had Geoff’s support for all aspects of my teaching: working on literary texts for classroom recitation, storytelling, classroom drama; for public speaking at school festivals or peer group conferences, for adult education work.

Geoff is a generous and exacting teacher whose strength of will carries his students and enables them to raise themselves to his rigorous demands. His steadfast devotion also brings warmth of understanding, generosity of spirit and embodies anthroposophical insight so that his work is a model for all teaching and learning relationships. He dedicates himself to working on the task-in-hand from the inside-out and with meticulous care.

It has been my pleasure to work with Geoff over the past 5 years in the field of teacher education, where he supported students to develop the essential inner strength, skills and understanding – through experiential courses on grammar, rhetoric, classroom recitation and drama – that will enable them to raise the spirit of language teaching from functional literacy to living art in their future work as Waldorf teachers, in whatever education setting they choose.

Josie Alwyn, Co-Director of the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar

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