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Voicing the Silence

The Studio aims to enliven and embody the Speech and Drama impulses of Rudolf and Marie Steiner, and to integrate the work with the techniques of contemporary and compatible theatre innovators.

As a training & research initiative its aims are to provide the possibility of entering modular and individually designed training programs in the performing arts, based on anthroposophy, and enable them to stand within the mainstream of modern artistic culture.

Art inspired by anthroposophy is at the beginning of its evolution. It is the art of the future. As true as it was that the artists of the past did not need to know what was at the root of a work of art, it is as true now that the artist of the future has to know this, but with those inner forces that represent the eternal again, that represent something of the entire content of the human soul.
Rudolf Steiner

For me, the experience of spoken language is both musical and dance-like. Rudolf Steiner describes how speech originated in the dance and song that our far-distant ancestors created. But language is not man-made: it has entered the earthly realm from the spiritual world, and any spoken language consists of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs that contain within them musically structured and rhythmical gestures. These gestures can not only be expressed in tone, as in singing, but in forms that have both grammatical and musical relationships: words contain subtle forms of melos (that include fine tonal intervals) and movement equal to what is contained in any musical score.

The spoken word expresses and embodies not only intellectual content, but also human emotions and intentions. What gives rise to speech is he /she who is moved to speak. In other words the individual, the human spirit, without whose presence and activity no communication takes place.

Nor must we ignore the listener to whom the speaking is directed, for, in normal circumstances, there would then be no motivation to speak, to communicate All the content and expressive power of spoken language comes from this human spirit, this extremely active yet  still point of the turning world T.S.Eliot, Four Quartets
and without this spirit’s active and creative engagement there would be no life, no colour, no meaning, in the word. Speech would then be merely a dead, colourless, abstracted shadow of itself.

This is something sadly that we too frequently hear, and this is a consequence of today’s predominantly intellectual abstracted consciousness, no matter where on the globe the speaker happens to be. A major aspect of the practical work of the Speech and Drama Studio will be to address how language and theatre can be re-enlivened by reconnecting with it through the living powers of Imagination Inspiration and Intuition and the active engagement of the Human Spirit.

Geoff Norris   

  • Mission Statement

    To develop Steiner Speech and “the Archetype Technique” that it may find its place beside other Speech and Drama training methods currently more widely known, That this approach become an indispensable component of Performing Arts and Teacher Trainings, both Waldorf and mainstream alike.
    To renew and deepen the impulses, born one hundred years ago through the work of Rudolf and Marie Steiner, and to find the creative connections between these and other theatre innovators leading to the development of an Alchemical Theatre of Transformation, a Theatre of the Future, a “Theatre of the Word”.

  • The Training

    The intensive modular training has the aim of:

    1.Renewing and integrating the work begun by Rudolf & Marie Steiner with all compatible theatre innovators, including the work of Michael Chekhov, Viola Spolin, Rudolf Laban and others.
    2.Creating a modular professional training, deeply grounded in Anthroposophy, enabling participants to deepen their current professional work,and graduates to work creatively and freely in teaching and performance,and to take up further study in education & therapy at a postgraduate level.
    3.Facilitating a supportive learning community where participants can develop independence and resilience within themselves as well as within the community.

    Find yourself- find the other- forge the future

    We invite teachers and performers to develop their Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition as independent creative forces and as the source of all artistic and teaching work.

    This requires that participants (teachers, lecturers performers, poets and all those interested ) learn “Concentration, Focus , Presence” and become ever more aware of, and conscious in, their creative choices in action, word and gesture.

  • Quality Assurance

    Student assessment and quality assurance will take place in three ways:

    1.Through continual feedback from the teachers and the assessment of the students individual development.
    2.Through external examinations set by Trinity College London: ATCL (diploma), LTCL (BA equivalent) and FTCL (MA equivalent)
    3.Through ongoing mentorship: leading to a readiness to attain a Goetheanum recognized Creative Speech and Drama diploma in association with ATKA Dornach, Switzerland.

    Cooperation with at least one other recognized training is a requirement of the Performing Arts Section at the Goetheanum, Dornach, in order to award Goetheanum recognized diplomas.
    Geoff Norris is able to facilitate these through his direct connection with the Section at the Goetheanum, the world-wide Speech and Drama Trainers Association and through his collaboration with “ATKA”

Our happy Clients

Find yourself- find the other- forge the future

I would enkindle humankind out of the Cosmic–Spirit,
That they become Flame,
And fierily unfold their inmost being!

-Rudolf Steiner